A Therapedic Mattress Changes Like the Body

Everyone is different. Each and every body is special and unique in its own way. The body even changes from day to day. The Therapedic mattress difference expects the bed to change right along with the body to maximize comfort each and every single night.

This mattress helps to eliminate any motion transfer from one side on the bed to the other. Even if someone is getting up at night, the other individual won’t be disturbed. Each spring responds individually to motion and pressure. This new type of sleeping environment provides support and comfort that surpasses a conventional spring mattress.

TheraFoam is a way to improve stability of the mattress. Border breakdown is a problem for some beds. This reduces the area where people feel comfortable sleeping. The TheraFoam increases the sleep area by eliminating this problem. Also, it reduces the probability of a couple rolling towards the middle of the mattress. Although it is great for a couple to meet in the middle and compromise, this is not the case when it comes to sleeping and rest.

As explained by the experts at https://www.bestmattress2020.co.uk, A poor night’s sleep can affect concentration, productivity at work or school, and outlook on the day’s events. Insufficient support in a mattress causes the spine and body to be positioned in unnatural ways. A waterbed, for instance, causes a hammock effect. As the water is displaced when someone lies down, the back is not in a comfortable position as if standing. The lack of proper positioning contributes to poor blood flow, tingling arms and legs, tossing and turning, and a bad night’s sleep.

On the other hand, the Therapedic mattress provides adequate support for the entire body. Sleeping on such a mattress will allow the spine to be in alignment as if it were standing with good posture. This support does not make someone feel like they are sleeping on a board or a rock. In fact, this proper position will help to eliminate any back pain or discomfort felt from sleeping on a tired, saggy mattress. The soft, comfortable mattress provides the relief customers crave, allowing for a refreshed and revitalized feeling in the morning.

The Therapedic mattress changes with each turn, new position, or weight placed on each and every individual spring. There is no need to mess with remote controls or dials. No filling or removing water from the bed for maximum comfort. The bed simply provides support and comfort for a fabulous night’s sleep.


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